Web Page Design Examples

Blu-ray Disc Archival

http://discarchival.com/Disc Archival [view this site]

Get rid of using data tapes for backup and get an energy efficient Blu-ray Disc Archiver.

Violet Meadows

http://violetmeadowsohio.com/Violet Meadows [view this site]

This is a new site for a realtor. Nothing up yet.


http://www.globaldvr.com/store/GlobalDVR [view this site]

This is a new project I've been working on. It's been heavily modified from OsCommerce. GlobalDVR sells various security cameras and digital video recorders.


http://www.armorcam.com/ArmorCam [view this site]

This site looks very similar to GlobalDVR because it was requested to be based off of GlobalDVR. It's been modified to be more focused on distributor pricing, which is why you must log in to see prices. And you can't set up accounts like a normal OsCommerce, only the admin can set up an account for you.

C & P Decorating

http://www.candpdecorating.com/C and P Decorating [view this site]

I was actually brought in to design this site's contact page, but ended up totally redesigning it.

WatER Satellite Mission

http://www.geology.osu.edu/water/WatER Satellite Mission [view this site]

Doug Alsdorf hired me to design this site for a satellite mission that is being proposed to NASA.

HSMP Alumni Society

http://www.alumni-osu.org/hsmp/Health Services Management and Policy Alumni Society [view this site]

Christine O'Malley originally contracted me to design their site in 2002, but later again to update it with a totally different look. Christine later left and now Jodi Leis has contracted me to create some interactive and fool proof form submission pages. I have also optimized their site a lot from my last design.

The PokeMasters

http://www.pokemasters.net/The PokeMasters Pokemon Forums [view this site]

This is actually the first big site I ever made and ran. It's still going today as a message board, although I'd like to get my original Pokemon content up and running again.

OSU Figure Skating Club

http://osufsc.org.ohio-state.edu/OSU Figure Skating Club [view this site]

Laurel Miller asked me to help design her Figure Skating Club a website in late 2004 or so.